Thursday, September 03, 2009

mouses and micetraps

Heh heh, so yeah, I never did get around to posting more over the summer.
It was a great summer though.
I discovered Isaac Asimov's robot series with Elijah Baley.
And found that the Stewart's on my way home had tasty chocolate milk.
And we had many girls over for dinner every Monday night.
And lots of other little things went on.

And just this week the Semester started again.

And, horror of horrors! A mouse ran across my floor Sunday night. I was not happy. Mice should have no business running across my floor.
So my roommate's sister got us some mousetraps (not sticky roommate and I both agreed that we detested those). And together we set one on a paper plate in our kitchen Tuesday night. It sprung almost immediately after, but it turned out it just wasn't set firmly. So we reset it and then avoided it like the plague. Then, yesterday, I came home after TAing a class and saw around the corner that the trap had flipped over. So I peeked a little closer and sure enough: we had our mouse!
My roommate and I were both disgusted and contemplated calling someone up and bribing them with dinner if they took care of our mouse. But then we decided that we were independent young women so we could jolly well take care of our own mouse. And we did...using a shovel and a garbage bag.
We were so happy after that that we ended up calling people up for dinner anyway just to celebrate.

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Homemanager said...

I'm proud of you girls taking care of the mouse problem...however, this is such a great opportunity to ask one of the guys that you like over to take care of it so they can feel brave and needed and you can feel taken care of and just so thankful that you give him dinner and he falls in love with you (and your cooking because everyone knows this the way to a man's heart) and you get hitched and live happily ever after!! :D