Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have begun P90x, an intense exercise program that all my coworkers seem to be raving about. I sometime enjoy putting myself through intense pain and torture and I also like to exercise, so I am trying it out.
This is week 2. Today I did plyometrics which is basically jumping around many many times. More times than I normally jump around...so now my legs are killing me. I have to be careful too that I don't make too much noise for the neighbors downstairs. But I was able to follow the workout better today than last time. And I didn't feel like I was going to throw up either. So I guess it went well.

Beside exercising, there is a diet you follow too. You end up exercising so much so you need to make sure you are eating right to make up for it. Today I had eggs and bacon with toast and then chocolate milk. I'm not sure chocolate in the milk technically follows the proper diet, but that is pretty much the only way I will drink milk. And then I had yogurt and grapes and a salad with avocado and tuna fish and cheese. And then I ate a protein bar and soup and hamburg. That is a lot of food, but I am apparently still hungry, so I guess I must have sweat a lot tonight...


Clevard said...

Since when does sweating induce hunger? Just because someone sits in the sun on a hot day, does not mean that they'll be hungry. On the contrary, I seldom get that hungry on hot sunny days. Which makes perfect sense, as I don't use as much energy when I'm hot.

Homemanager said...

Clevard, You are hungry all the time...it doesn't matter if you sit in the sun or not! :)
So Kirk, you need a new article here...I want to come back and read something...a recipe, a poem, an event, see a picture, a story...something new! :)