Monday, June 18, 2007

Hum... I've been tagged for the first time that I am aware of.
It's quite interesting actually because I've often thought about what I would say if I ever was tagged, but I never was so I never was able to say all those things.
And now I can't remember what they were.
So I suppose I shall have to think of totally new things to say.

Seven Random Facts About Me That You Might Not Know (interesting name for a tag, isn't it?):

1. Hmm...I dislike touching my socks when they are on my feet because I feel that they have been all over the place and are probably disgusting. I always wash my hands if I touch them.

2. I found a funny little book called the Revised U.S. Edition of the Official Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plans For Physical Fitness (copyrighted 1962) in the basement.

3. I started writing my own language and constructing my own world long before I realized it was a popular thing to do among young people. My language's chief goal is to be easily pronounceable. There's nothing I dislike more than somebody's made-up names in a book that only the person who made them up can properly pronounce. And I don't like having to keep checking the glossary while reading.

4. I think woods are lovely. I live near some woods and I love to watch all its different moods through the seasons. They are dark and gloomy today. I do not wish to be in the darkest places of it at the moment, but the wind is blowing the branches of the trees and that is beautiful.

5. I have just written five reasons each of which begin with the word I. I wonder if I can write the last two using a different word.

6. Root beer is tastier when you drink it from a glass bottle than from a cup or can. At least it is more fun.

7. The color pink is getting on my nerves. That is probably because I was working with pink clay yesterday afternoon and this afternoon. After a bit, any color gets rather tiring.

Hurrah! There are seven random facts about me. None of them are ones I planned on putting down, but if they were, they wouldn't be random any more, would they?

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Kirk said...

Oh yes, haha. I was supposed to tag seven other people. But I can't really think of seven other people.
So maybe...
Elisabeth from Woman at the Well,
Danika from Polka Dotted Pickles (Oh, wait, perhaps she has done this one before? Well, she can always do it again if she see this.),
Nathan from Sockpuppetpost ('cause he's got to update sometime),
Emily Mae from Zoe Romany,
Danny from Saydnaya,
Mr. T. from Notes,
and the bug that is crawling on the books in front of me.

So if any of you guys see probably won't, but just in case, you're all tagged.