Saturday, June 16, 2007

Of The Deadly Perils of Minesweeper

The name sends thrills through your spine right down to your finger tips.
This fatal game, a mind trap, a chewer of time!

You have a paper due, and of course you must take some time to think about it.
But it is no good staring at a blank Word Document.
You must stare at a little box full of squares.
Carefully you make your first click on a square, hoping desperately for a number of the squares to clear with it. But it might not. It might be a mine and explode the whole box on you.
Or, even worse, show a single clear square with a number in it.
Then you are forced to click around it till you have enough numbered squares that you can start marking the mines.
But where were we again?
Oh yes.
There was a paper due.
But we might actually find all the mines this time and thus win the game...

Twenty minutes later...
You realize you also had some calculus homework to work on, besides that paper.
You haven't one a game yet, but squares are beginning to dance before your eyes.
So you leave the computer to take a break.

And the paper isn't written until eleven in the night.

That is only one of the possible consequences of this perilous game.

Um, right, what was I writing about again? I got sort of distracted, playing games and stuff, you know.
Oh yes! The deadly perils of minesweeper.
Besides wasting your time, you might get carpel tunnel or break the buttons on your mouse.
I am really not kidding! My aunt got the carpel tunnel and a friend broke his mouse.
Both from playing minesweeper.
stay away from this horrible game, this brain drain, this robber of sleep, minesweeper!


Homemanager said...

Minesweeper!!! No, no, no! You've got it all wrong. You have to play Spider Solitaire. Now that's a real game.

I've never heard of anyone getting carpel tunnel or breaking their mouse...

Faith said...

In our house it is Webkinz for the 8 year old and anything HSM for the almost 14 year old! (not to mention Sims 2!!) is the job hunt coming? was praying for you when your mom said you were looking for a summer job. blessings to you
faith (courtney and claire's mom)

~Lauraborialice said...

I really like those pictures on the side of your blog..