Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nothing To Do This Fine Summer Day

I have found nothing in the job search, but I was pleased to remember that I am now counted as one of the "unemployed" and a part of the "labor force" because I have been looking for a job in the past weeks and months.

My mother is not a part of the labor force because motherhood is not considered a "job" nor is one payed in wages. And she is not even unemployed because she is not looking for a job.

The labor force is composed of only the employed and the unemployed.
The employed are all those people who are working.
The unemployed are all those people who are not working but are searching for jobs.

Everyone else is not part of the labor force.
That includes my mum, my sisters and my grandparents.

Anyways, now I will work on some projects which I have time to do seeing as how I have no job.


Homemanager said...

Labor force...
I could give you some work! how about organizing all of our homeschooling records or the basement! LOL! That is what I call a labor force!!!

Danny said...

mmm I guess Your mum found you a job ... lol!
luckily I'm an employed .. It was hard to get a job.
I still in the same job .. it's been one year and 3 months now.
It takes time to find a good job .. but I'm sure you'll find a gerat job one day ..
and now i'm free to work for some of my projects too ...
keep the good work up!