Saturday, September 29, 2007

What would you think if you spent over two hundred dollars for an hour in which you could walk around with sore feet shaking sweaty hands and dodging people?
Well, that is what I did with the consummation being this afternoon.
Okay, I did not spend two hundred dollars just for one hour. But the one hour was the beginning.

I went to my campus's career fair today. Twas interesting to say the least.
Here is a picture of me in my suit after coming back:

I did not actually realize my shirt had fallen out until after I came home.
Here is a picture of the things I collected:

Is that not a lovely picture? I am sorry to say I did not take the binoculars handed out at one company. I am regretting that now. But now I have nifty little lunch bag that says "Engineered for Life" on it which makes it cooler than Jo's.


Jo said...

We have to switch lunch boxes now. I want one that says "Engineered for Life" . It's no fair that you have it!!
I want it!!!
Love you!!! :):):) <3<3<3

Homemanager said...

It is cooler than Jo's :-D
I have to say though, that your picture is the lovely one.. :-D