Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Machining and Welding

Have you ever been machining?
'Tis grand fun.
I did some today.
I helped drill holes in an metal panel for an electrical enclosure.
We have a really neat drill to drill holes with.
But now I am all flecked with sparks of silver color.

Making thermocouples is also fun.
I learned how to make those last week.
Thermocouples are like temperature sensors made of two different kinds of metal welding together. The insulation is stripped from one end of the wire and the two pieces of metal are twisted together. Then they are welded to form a tiny bead on the end. The bead must not be too far from the edge of the insulation.

It is tricky getting the wires to weld together properly. But the satisfaction of seeing the little metal bead is always worth it.

Because it is difficult to weld them, we always prepare a ton of these wires. Then some go in the reject pile when they refuse to weld or the weld is wrong.

After welding, we calibrate the thermocouples. Then more of the couples end up in the reject pile because they will not measure temperature correctly.

The reject pile is nearly always larger than the acceptance pile.


Carla said...

Part poem, part instruction booklet. Interesting. I particularly like the line "But now I am all flecked with sparks of silver color".

Homemanager said...

I agree with Carla. I like how you "painted" the picture of it with your words.
You really are experiencing a lot of different things...nanoparticles, drums, drilling, welding, thermocouples...
It will be interesting to see how the Lord uses all of these things in your life. :-)

Matilda said...

I drill a hole right through the middle,
Of a metal panel....
My arms are aching,
My chin is shaking,
Yet still I will go on!

My arms are sparkling with metal flecks,
This is worse than glitter!
My arms are aching,
My chin is shaking,
Yet still I will go on!