Friday, May 16, 2008

Yummy Yummy Chicken and Lost Umbrellas

Bother, I left my umbrella in the food court.

And of course it only occurred to me after I walked out of the mall with my friends and loudly declared my most favorite line in the movie was "I left my new torch in Narnia!"
And it started sprinkling on me.

Ah well. At least the teriyaki chicken we had for lunch just before the 12:20 showing was good. We were convinced into buying it by the funniest nice lady handing out samples.

She came over to us as we walk in. Handing friend H a sample, she says "Yummy yummy chicken! Have some yummy yummy chicken!"
Handing more around to all of us, she continued, "See? Look, combo 1? yummy yummy chicken? teriyaki chicken?"
We look up at the menu board. The young man behind the counters sees us and nods his head and says, "You want yummy yummy chicken?"
Friend H stalls for time and asks "Can we think about it?"
"Oh yes! Have some yummy yummy chicken!"
We huddle. We were going to get lunch anyway and we were hungry. The samples tasted good and besides, who could refuse yummy yummy chicken?
So we all ordered combo 1: teriyaki chicken with lo mein noodles and some vegetables and a drink. Then we watched as they fried up the chicken and prepared the lo mein noodles. And it was good, though there was a lot of it. But in the last rush, I left my umbrella hanging on the back of the chair I was sitting on.


Homemanager said...

Just think, you will always have fond memories of your time watching Prince Caspian and leaving your favorite umbrella behind like Edmond left his torch behind. :-)
The "yummy yummy chicken" is pretty funny. It is good to hear that it really was "yummy" :-)

smoky hills said...

Excluding the " and the ', I suppose the answer could be:
y + 4y - 3y = 0
5y - 3y = 0
2y = 0
y = 0

Unfortunately, this leaves out the little marks, and I have a feeling that they mean something, but I know not what that some thing is.... yet.