Friday, September 26, 2008

The apples are in

And with them the pie
and the crunchy apple crisp

The pumpkin leaves grace
the tops of tall trees
And lemon ones fall to the ground

Pine cones fall on your head
(Oh, ouch!)
And squirrels haunt your steps for food

Red and purple mums appear at the stores
(Perhaps we can make tea?)
And sniffles abound with coughs and sneezes
Interrupting my daily study


Homemanager said...

Wonderful word pictures...except the sniffles, coughs and sneezes...:-(
Hope you are feeling better soon. <3

Kirk said...

Oh, it wasn't actually me with the sniffles and coughs, people in general have these things and if you happen to be somewhere quiet and they are dealing with all that, the it interrupts your study.

Thanks though!

Homemanager said...

Oh! I see...well, I'm glad that you are well, then and I enjoyed your free verse. :-)
The line that reads: "The pumpkin leaves grace the tops of tall trees..." caused both Dad and I to go "What?"
We were thinking of Mark Twain. :-D