Saturday, September 20, 2008

PD2 again

Crisis has been averted.
We are doing a nice happy project to encourage people to exercise more.

But the class itself took a turn for worse this past Wednesday.
We were required to watch this movie in class.
It was a quite horrible movie all about a bunch of guys doing sex and drugs on a Greek island.
Well, that wasn't the point of the was really about these group of soldiers who get stranded on this Greek island and discover that taking things easy and living the simple life is much better to their previous war-related activities and the constant fast-paced adventure they enjoyed. Several shocking scenes, however, caused me come to a different conclusion...

Anyway, now I have to write a paper about the leadership styles portrayed in the movie.

But watching movies only happens twice in the semester and I think the next one will be about some scientists, so I shall hope it will be much better.

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