Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PD2 = Moral Dilemma

Nobody ever told me PD2 would cause moral dilemmas!!!

Although it actually isn't a dilemma, just more of a tricky situation.

But fear not! I will not help start any Planned Parenthood groups at my school.

Now you are wondering what on earth PD2 is and what Planned Parenthood has to do with it?
Well, PD2 stands for Professional Development 2. We're required (all us engineers) to take classes that encourage professionalism and good business habits and leadership roles. The classes are split into three courses: PD1, PD2, and PD3. PD2 is mostly about leadership.
Because of this, we have a team project in which we are to do something that will have an influence in some community.
The two ideas my team has come up with thus far: encourage recycling on campus or starting a Planned Parenthood group.

I very quickly brought to the table that I was pro-life...and therefore not very likely to agree with the latter idea, although I was not opposed to raising awareness about health issues on campus.

When the idea was raised, I flew into a tailspin (an interesting maneuver with airplanes) and had to collect my thoughts so I could nicely but firmly state my disagreement. It is harder than you might think, 'cause you don't want to totally offend someone you'll be working with for the semester by shooting down their ideas (or actually, ever). But by God's grace the idea giver was receptive and understanding.

But the team is still deciding...


Faith said...

I'll be praying for you!
It is good that you took a stand right away. Hope to hear what you all finally decide on.

Carla said...

Wow... and so early into the semester, too. It's too bad that Planned Parenthood has to do with abortion and not abstinence. Stay strong! Offering up a prayer for you.

Karen said...

I'm proud of you Kirk! You are a wise young woman and I know that the Lord has brought this situation to you for the testing of your faith. We, of course, will be praying for you, but whatever happens continue to stand in the Lord.
Pray for possible opportunities to share your views about life.
Rejoice, because the Lord has confidence that you will do His will.
The Lord is so good!