Monday, December 10, 2007

My blog

I am supposed to be looking over my first physics exam in preparation for my upcoming final, but instead I am procrastinating. I have been indulging in that rare but interesting pastime called "blog-hopping".
After seeing many pages written by many people I did not know about the many things going on in their lives, I began to wonder about my own blog. If some stranger decided to go blog-hopping and accidentally landed on my blog, would the afore-mentioned stranger find my posts interesting or part of another long line of blogs that talked about things and events and people unknown to those outside of a limited reading circle.
I am afraid the last couple posts at least would not attract any hopping stranger. Too bad.
Perhaps I can do better by posting more things about physics or strengths of materials or other things like that. Those would be different. They would not be apologies to friends and family for not writing in a long time, or brief paragraphs about how busy the writer is, or long paragraphs describing every detail of their lives and pictures to illustrate as well. For indeed, this is mostly what I ran into in my little excursion.

Ah well, now I must leave and be good. Keep tryst for the finals!

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