Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The semester has ended

There is nothing left. I am done with the courses I have been working on for the past sixteen weeks.

And I am at home having fun!!!!!

Yes, I am. I made cookies yesterday and finished them today. I have watched some funny movies, danced with two sisters, wrestled with my brother (and beat him twice), ordered books online, changed baby's diaper, practiced juggling, folded laundry, and made a lot of noise.
It will be a good vacation. But I am getting excited about next semester's classes.


Roomate said...

I'm glad you're enjoying home!
Looking forward to next semester :)

Faith said...

I'm curious...what is the pic of??
Vacations are great aren't they?? I know my 2 kids are loving having a week off! ENJOY and Merry CHRISTmas!

Picture taker said...

The picture is of seven eggs in a row on the counter.

The art critic said...

I still think you should have that picture blown-up and could probably sell it and quit school! :-)

Faith said...

Neat pic of eggs...I wasn't thinking eggs as we buy them brown and I'm not used to seeing white eggs! art critic is probably could sell it! (although don't quit college!!)