Saturday, December 08, 2007

The third floor

This is rather random, but funny.

One of my roommates and I are going to be looking for a new apartment for next year. So we've been discussing the things we need to look for. My roommate has sensitive sinuses, so it is important that the house is mold free (or at least as close as possible to being so). That is really the biggest concern, but we have smaller issues that can be compromised if necessary.

But one thing is decided. We cannot live on the third floor apartment of any house. The second floor is possibly pushing it, but can be worked with. The reason is that neither of us are quite strong enough to carry the TUBA up and down all those stairs every week for band. My roommate has been going to band since she was a freshman and her tuba is quite respected and loved. But it is rather heavy.
Fortunately, her sister's fiance lives downstairs at the moment, so he has been carrying it down and back for her these past several years. But since her sister is getting married in the summer, they will be living in their own house and not under us.

Our solutions to this are as follows:
We can only live on the third floor of a house if: We find some very nice guys to live in the downstairs apartments who are willing to carry the tuba for us,
we find some guy so dedicated to band, that he will even come to specifically bring the tuba up and down the stairs (but we're doubtful of finding someone of this sort or of quite trusting his intentions if we did),
my roommate finds a boyfriend who also goes to band (so I don't have to hang out with him while waiting for her to come back),
I get a boyfriend (so he will still be around when my roommate comes back from band - presumably doing homework with me).

So those are our conditions to living in a third floor apartment. If we hope to fulfill any of these, we're going to have to work hard these next couple weeks before our actual housing hunting begins. Or we could just not live in any third floor apartments.


Kirk said...

Note: We are probably going to follow the very last bit of advice of this post - not live in a third floor apartment. :D

Faith said... could just leave the tuba in the band room...I mean does your roommate seriously practice during the week? I sure don't know many college kids who do unless they are serious music majors! (Courtney leaves her violin locked in the orchestra room at Shaker until vacations!) just an idea....

Homemanager said...

Pray! The Lord will give you the perfect apartment. It might include all of the those things mentioned and then some. :-)
Whatever the situation, He knows what you need. (and want!)

I'm not sure you can leave instruments in any of the music rooms on a college campus. You might be able to get a locker, but I doubt that they make any big enough for a tuba. :-)
Good thought, though!

Lindsay Todd said...

Couldn't you find a couple of mechanical engineering students to design a tuba-hoist for you? Oh wait, never mind, you don't need to find a couple of MechE's. It shouldn't be too hard, and is clearly the proper geeky solution to this difficult problem!