Monday, December 10, 2007

Pumpkin and Cheese

I forgot something else I wanted to post before going back to studying.

I had a most delicious dinner tonight: cheese and pumpkin filling sandwich.

Doesn't that sound just wonderful?

It was this way: Two of my roommates went out for dinner with family, one was busy else where, and the other was on a weird eating schedule caused by sleeping in too late. So I was left to my own devices.

I hunted around in the pantry and the refrigerator and spied a bowl of pumpkin custard (I'm calling it that because that is what it most resembles. It was really that the roommate who made it ran out of crust when making pie, and just poured the leftover filling in a bowl and cooked it). So I seized it and took my cheddar cheese along too. I had already pulled out my bread. I sliced the cheese and laid it on one half of my sandwich. Then I put the two slices of bread into our toaster oven. When the cheese was melting, I pulled the bread out, slapped some pumpkin stuff onto the side with the cheese and closed the sandwich with the other piece of bread. It was really good even though our toaster oven toast bread in a most unusual uneven pattern.


Ice ball goes smash! said...

Sounds neat! I've just _got_ to try it!

Ice ball goes crash! said...

huh, huh, yeah! That's definitely a delicious sounding recipe!

Ice ball goes caboom! said...

A lot of iceballs I see here!:-)

~Lauraborialice said...

That sounds like a really good dinner..